Art of Movement

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Mr. Park found his beginnings in dance with Art of Movement, a b-boying crew which was established in 2002. Since then, its members have regularly competed and won awards at various b-boying competitions locally and elsewhere within the U.S. and Canada. In January of 2010, AOM opened a Facebook fan page where they post updates and members’ b-boying footage for their fans and interested visitors. There, one member wrote when describing his crew, “AOM is a brotherhood.” Even during his training and career in Korea, Mr. Park would often fondly talk about his crew members in interviews and proudly pose in photographs flashing the signature AOM crew sign with his hands. Nowadays, he is rarely seen without other AOM members, as they have performed alongside him at various b-boy competitions, the April 2010 Project Korea event, the May 2010 dance showcase at the Showbox in Seattle, and even in Hype Nation. They were also featured performers on Mr. Park’s Asian fan meet tour throughout late 2010.

In addition to Mr. Park, the crew consists of 10 other members: ChaCha, StepRoc, Junior, Dialtone, Hep Da Tightest, Phé La Roc, Chico, Neil, Gil, and Bowzer.

Cha Cha

Chase Malone, or “Cha Cha” is a music producer, illustrator, graphic design artist, and, of course, b-boy. He has been b-boying since 1999 and has described his style as “everything on beat and explosive.” In addition to AOM, he is also a member of the crews Session 31 and TheM Team. Musically, he has produced and composed solo efforts like R&B-flavored “I Still” and “Seduction”, a track which earned him a spot as a top-voted finalist in Talenthouse’s March 2010 competition to work with renowned producer Ryan Leslie. He has also produced successful tracks for Mr. Park himself like “Bestie” and “Speechless”, the latter which he also penned lyrics and sang in a duet with his AOM brother.


Daniel Jerome, also known as “StepRoc”, is a young hip hop choreographer and freestyler who also teaches dance in the greater Seattle area. Since finding his beginnings in dance with b-boying in 2004, he has since learned and incorporated other styles of dance. His Youtube channel containing footage of his choreography, b-boying, and freestyling has garnered over 14 thousand subscribers. His choreography has been featured in many of Mr. Parks performances like at the Showbox showcase in May 2010, throughout the Asian fanmeet tour, and at the Seoul Soul Festival in October of 2010. He has also served as a primary backup dancer during Mr. Park’s performances of “Demon” from the Hype Nation soundtrack.


Felipe “Junior” Orduna began b-boying in 2002 and is a part of TheM Team crews in addition to AOM. He describes his b-boying style as “explosive” but also says that “how I feel with the song… or just the mood I have put in through my day is the way I’ll dance it out.” He is particularly well known among fans for his participation with AOM in the Project Korea and Showbox events as well as appearances in Mr. Park’s Youtube cover of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and the interview with’s “Youtube Spotlight.”


Jose “Tony” Orduna, also known as b-boy “Dialtone”, began breaking in 1999 and in addition to AOM, belongs to crews like Session 31 and TheM Team. He has performed alongside Mr. Park at events like Project Korea and is also filming Hype Nation with his fellow AOM members during the summer of 2010.


“Hep Da Tightest” or “Hep” has also appeared alongside Mr. Park at several events including the “Youtube Spotlight” interview with and the May 30th Showbox performance in Seattle. He is also another AOM member involved with the filming of Hype Nation during the summer of 2010.

Phé La Roc

Leng Phe, known by his b-boy name “Phé La Roc,” began b-boying in 2001 and is also a member of b-boy crews Business Time and Tiny Toones. He has described his style as “power-based,” focusing on “light-weight tricks” and “flow.” He is also focused on singing and songwriting, covering a variety of songs as part of a duo known as Lost Without Music, and appearing in a rendition of Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up” with fellow AOM members Cha Cha Malone and Mr. Park.


Christopher, or “Chico” is a part of the Originally Hooked on Funk Crew and TheM Team in addition to AOM.


Ramneek, known as b-boy “Neil” started breaking in 2005 and is also a part of the DND b-boy crew.


Gil Villanueva Umali III goes by the succinct title of b-boy “Gil.” Originally from the Philippines, he has been b-boying since 2001.


Bao Nguyen, or “Bowzer” has been breaking since 2002 and is also a member of the b-boy crew Rhythmic Motions. He has described his breaking style as “Basic text with a lil bit of everything.”